Database course step-by-step

This course was created to learn more about database step by step

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Database course step-by-step

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Details of the Course

Language of course: English

This course was created to learn more about database step by step. I am going to teach you about the database on the cloud but can you use the same concepts to use the local database.

Course create now, October 10, the year 2022.

All classes are practices and I show you step by step all commands necessary with a dynamic course.

  1. Focus database: SQL Server
  2. Tool: Azure Data Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Language: SQL
  4. Platforms: Windows and Mac

You can see this class on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

  • Installation
  • Tools
  • Tips about the database and tips inside the tools
  • Commands (all of them)
  • Tables
  • Stored procedure
  • and more...
  • Language: English
  • With new classes every month

Classes type: Classes with 100% practices

Time: more than 10 classes online step by step and I like to publish day by day more tips that can help you, all inside the platform

Author / Teacher: Mauricio Junior

Contact: Dentro da plataforma você tem contato com o autor, pode marcar aulas particulares com ele e aprender mais e mais. É importante para nós que você aprenda e se depender de nós faremos tudo para você aprender a aprender.

Metodologia: CBL (Challenge based learning)

Support and questions with a real human, no machines

$ 500

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All apps can be used locally without internet.
Applications are free to download, you only need to pay once to attend classes.
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About us


“Melhor plataforma de estudos, assisto as aulas gravadas dentro da minha disponibilidade e posso revisar o conteúdo em aula online e individual, as aulas são didáticas e focadas no desenvolvimento prático do assunto abordado, eu recomendo os cursos para desenvolvedores e indico para quem está interessado em mudar de carreira de forma prática e ágil.”

Testemunho da Ana


Future developer

Mauricio, thank you for your classes.
That was very cool and interesting. You thought me a lot of things, which I can do now. You are cool teacher 😎👍


Olha Zaborska

Good student

My wife and I have been taking the "Finanças na Prática" course on from Mauricio for about one month now and it has really opened up our eyes on our finances. We have already learned so much regarding High Yield Savings, Stocks, ETF’s. Reits, Dividends, etc. I really never looked into this in detail until now. Sometimes you just need a course where someone will explain how you can try to get ahead and the steps required. It is not simple and takes dedication but it can be done in time and with patience. We immediately started creating an emergency HYSA, and opened a Brokerage account for additional future income. We are already on the road to financial success thanks to the help from Mauricio and this course. Mauricio is calm & patient and explains everything in detail so anyone can understand the processes. Thank you Plataforma and Mauricio!! We will provide future updates. We highly recommend this course for anyone, no matter what age, to start investing in your financial freedom!! "Financial Success"

Gilberto & Neusa


Are you enjoying the HTML course?

Sofi: Yes, I really like it, at first it's very difficult because it's all for the first time for me, but step by step.



Master Degree in Economy

I have been taking a SQL class with Mauricio and I love how patient he is and how he started the with the very basic , explaining what a database is. This helps in understanding the process. Taking it slow and practicing with the honework he assigns will help me alot. Thank you Mauricio.




Informações importantes, atividades práticas claras, explicações claras, descrição preciso do curso, apresentação cativante, instrutuor experiente.

Luís Antônio de Oliveira Santos

Gostei bastante do curso por ser um curso rapido e objetivo.

Lucas Maestro Carlos

Sou programador a 8 anos e ministrei aulas em ensino técnico por 4 anos.

O windows form não morreu mesmo, trabalho com essa tecnologia aqui na empresa e o curso me ajudou bastante.



5 estrelas.

Gilmar Robledo

Muito bom, 5 estrelas.

William Souza dos Santos

O seu primeiro livro me ajudou a mudar de vida. Eu era do suporte e aprendi muito com o seu livro e vídeos. Agora posso ajudar minha família



Muito bom o curso de C#, gostaria de aprender também VB.NET

Efraim Vieira


Parabéns pelas aulas, aprendi muito e gostei de fazer menu dinâmicos.

Luiz Farias


Aprendi muito com o curso de iPad. Obrigada!


Dona de casa

O curso de Api me deu outra visão em relação ao desenvolvimento de software.



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